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Sonntag, 17. März 2019

De De Mouse

[Album] Tide of Stars [2007-07-21]
01 baby's star jam
02 the galactic nervous boy
03 dancing horse on my notes
04 555 is in your heart
05 raven
06 my heart's raven
07 supernova girl
08 tide of stars
09 meteorswarm falls in your radio


[Mini Album] East End Girl [2007-08-18]
01 east end girl
02 tide ride baby
03 boy around the world
04 rats walks my forehead slowly


[Album] Sunset Girls [2008-05-07]
01 East end girl (keeps singing)
02 Hill Girl Steps
03 Sundown River
04 Swallowtail Bridge
05 Sunset Slope
06 Skyline Boy
07 Last Boy Dance
08 Light Night Dance
09 Day all Stars
10 Blue & Green Waves
11 Light Night Dance -Shinichi Osawa Remix
12 Sundown River - I am Robot and Proud Remix


[Single] Down Town [2008-09-28]
01 Down Town
02 Rouge No Dengon
03 Beautiful Name
04 Metropolitan Museum
05 Kaze Wo Asumete
 06 Down Town (ins)

[Album] Sunset Girls remixes & more [2009-04-02]
01 East end girl (keeps singing) remixed by FRONTIER BACKYARD
02 Light Night Dance remixed by HALFBY AND WALKMAN
03 Hill girl steps remixed by Olive Oil
04 East end girl (keeps singing) remixed by SENOR COCONUT
05 Blue & green waves remixed by World's End Girlfriend
06 Sundown river remixed by I am Robot and Proud
07 Skyline boy remixed by Traks Boys
08 East end girl(keeps singing) remixed by GABBY & LOPEZ
09 Day all stars remixed by The GO!Team
10 Sing with my tapes ※new song
11 Rain talks day ※new song
12 Last Boy Dance (and you) ※new version

[Album] A Journey Of Freedom [2010-04-07]

01 my favorite swing
02 new town romancer
03 sweet gravity
04 journey to freedom
05 starry mice parade
06 double moon song
07 like your magic
08 station to stars
09 goodbye parade
10 same crescent song

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