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Sonntag, 24. März 2019


Chelsy was a three-piece Japanese pop-rock band signed to Being Inc.'s Honey Bee Records label and managed by Honey Bee Studio. They were formerly under the Sony Music Associated Records label. The trio formed in 2011 and proceeded to perform in many lives before releasing their indies mini-album I'LL BE ON MY WAY in March 2014. In September of the same year they made their major label debut with the single "I will / Animation."

In 2018 they announced that they would be disbanding with one last concert, and released a best-of album called THE BEST OF CHELSY.

MIO (Gt&Vo)
AMI (Drs&Vo)

Former/Ex Member
ARISA (Keyboard)

I'LL BE ON MY WAY [Mini Album] (2014.03.19)
1. My Way
2. Sixteen Age
3. Shutter
4. Please Please Me

I will / Animation [Single] (2014.09.24)
1. I will
2. Animation
3. I will -TV MIX-
4. Animation -TV MIX-

YES / Good-bye girl [Single] (2014.12.03)
1. YES
2. good-bye girl
4. good-bye girl -TV MIX-

SistAr [Single] (2015.05.27)
1. SistAr
2. Happy End
3. SistAr (TV mix)
4. Happy End (TV mix)
5. Organ
6. I will (acoustic version)

I miss you [Single] (2015.09.02)
1. I miss you
2. Change My Life
3. I'm in love

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